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Tomato Design Group is an Asheville based graphic design group specializing in dealer workbooks, dealer forms and hangtags for the outdoor industry, since July 2002.

Allison Deatherage is owner and Creative Director at Tomato Design Group. Past experience includes 8 years of wandering in the design field — from publishing & print shops to design studios. Doing stuff like art direction at New Life Journal and Oatmeal Advertising — I think that was the name — and grunt work at various studios and print shops in Fort Lauderdale.

Her parents couldn’t figure out why she wanted to go to school in the middle of Iowa. But, she did go. She claimed to be pursuing a career in architecture but I heard her mother say that Allison surely enjoyed her art classes. She graduated from Grinnell College with a B.A. in 1997, majoring in pottery — of all things.

As a baby, Allison was so careful that when she started walking she crawled over the cracks in the sidewalk. In primary school that kid stayed in from recess to recopy classwork.


Elizabeth Schussler has her own thing going on - her own design business, Birdhouse Originals, or something. But those girls do share quite a small office. And they do chat quite a bit, so I imagine they help each other out every now and again on projects. Anything from sandwiches to design dilemas as I hear it.

She went to school to be a journalist, I believe. And has been illustrating things ever since. She was an Art Director at Eurosport when she was just 23. Worked in larger and smaller studios along the way. Allison says endless good things about her. And I know she can find just about anything online faster than your nephew could. And you know how those young ones can be with computers.