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Proofing via email: Acrobat pdfs for most jobs.

Estimates: Estimates are provided for larger projects. We make every effort to stay within the estimate, but it will depend on the number of revisions you provide. We will let you know when your projects reach 80% of the quote, so we can talk about wrapping it up.

Smaller projects are billed hourly. We use FunctionFox online service for time tracking. (and highly recommend!)

Billing: Larger projects are billed 1/3 up front, 1/3 first proof, 1/3 on project completion. Invoices are sent out as jobs are completed for smaller projects, billed net 15. All past due invoices must be paid before any other projects are started.

Color Calibration: The only way to review color is to order a press proof from the vendor printing your files. If color is important to you, make sure to take this additional step. Please be aware that your monitor is not color accurate.