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WINTER 2008/09

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Print $$ To Go Further...

Seems like now is a great time to do more with less. So you bicycle to work, patiently wait for Blades of Glory to be released to dvd, and stumble through your own pad thai... But when it comes to printing, where can you cut corners without getting yourself into trouble? Here are five options.

1. Eliminate Paper Waste

Ask your printer if your current project has any paper waste. If so, consider printing another piece to take up this space. There will be a nominal charge for setting up the file and trimming it, but printing is essentially free!

2. Design with One Color

Designers can create very effective pieces using only one color. And you can choose a color paper to add interest that’s only a fraction of the cost of full-color printing.

3. Use dies that your printer already has sitting around

Having custom dies made can be expensive, but printers rarely throw them out. Tell them what you have in mind and see what they have on hand.

4. Print in Bulk

I can’t stress the cost savings enough with larger print quantities, but a lot of you are already well aware of the advantages here. A couple precautions — make sure the piece isn’t dated, has current contact information, and as always — proof it closely!

5. Promote digital versions of files for easy reference on your website.

People are so digital these days, your clients & patients will appreciate this, and it might cut down on the number of hard copy requests you receive.